About The Computing Infrastructure Setup Protocols

A proliferation of high-throughput technologies in life-sciences research has left many scientists with problems in organizing the appropriate computational infrastructure.  While there is no shortage of information for setting up individual components, scientists need a template and a plan for execution that has proven to work.
While setting up a new life-sciences computing infrastructure between April-Oct 2008, we extensively documented the process involved, creating the template so that it can be used by other life-science research groups.
We advocate that adopters of this approach create their own internal Wiki (as in Task 11) to document the systems they have chosen to deploy for their own infrastructure intstallation.  
Mingxi Yao
Weiwei Luo
Christopher W.V. Hogue (Principal Investigator)
Contact Information:
Christopher W. V. Hogue, Associate Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences
National University of Singapore.  Email: chogue .at. blueprint.org
Contents are Copyright (c) 2008, The National University of Singapore
The information in this stie are based on an actual, tested infrastructure deployment at the National University of Singapore, and based on the internal documentation generated while setting up a computational biology laboratory. Instructional steps may be extracted from a variety of internet sources and software documents. We have taken every effort to ensure that these are referenced. Any material observed to be materially extracted from other copyrighted documentation is provided as a commentary to indicate to readers third-party instructional information that was tested and actually worked in our hands. This information is intended to be used for the purpose of setting up computing infrastructure for teaching, scholarship or research.  As such we claim "fair use" for any extracted third-party copyright material, according to section 107 of the US Copyright Act.  Use of the information in this site for setting up commercial infrastructure, and the repackaging and sale of the content of this site, for any purpose, is strictly prohibited.