Computing Infrastructure Setup Protocols

If you use this information in your research, please cite:
Orderly deployment of cost-effective and scalable computing infrastructure for life-science research groups. Yao M, Luo W, and Hogue C.W.V. (2009)  JOURNAL VOL:PP
Figure 2. Design Structure Matrix of IT Setup Tasks
We have used the Design Structure Matrix approach to organize the steps involved in setting up computer infrastructure.  Task dependencies are plotted with "X" marks, and the lower-triangular form of the matrix indicates that it is sorted into an optimal order.
(each color corresponds to one of the phases listed at right)

   Figure 1.  The Goal: Model IT Deployment 
    Table 1. Systems Procured
    Spreadsheet.  Inventory Asset List
    Figure 3. Initial VLANs and Test Network
    Figure 4. Redundant Deployment  
    Figure 5. Production Network